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Do you suffer from chronic redness or flush in your face for no reason? Maybe you are feeling that stinging or itch in the cheeks or nose that is followed by occasional bumps looking like pimples, or you have broken blood vessels that cant be covered so easily anymore on your face? For a lot of people, redness and visible blood vessels on the face is a sign of rosacea. Seeing your veins under the surface of your skin not only makes you look redder but it also gives your skin an uneven appearance. Fortunately, with laser treatment, we can address this directly.

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Several Treatments Can Help Manage It

While we don’t have a cure for rosacea, several treatments can help manage it. Using a specialized laser, we target those blood vessels and collapse them. Your body directs blood flow to other veins, so this doesn’t have any adverse health effects. In the weeks that follow, those now-closed blood vessels should fade from view. Laser treatment can be so beneficial that most people see a 50%-70% reduction in visible blood vessels with laser treatment — and some people see 100% of their visible blood vessels fade from view. Effectively managing your skin condition may mean some combination of topical medication, at-home skin care, and avoiding things that trigger your specific flare-ups. Causes: There are various theories as to what causes this condition, but none have been conclusively proven to be true. Theories of skin mites, different kinds of fungus, problems of the skin’s underlying connective tissue, and even stress as possible causes. But what we do know is that exposure to sun and wind, emotional stress, extremely hot or extremely cold weather, heavy or excessive exercise, and consumption of alcoholic or hot beverages trigger Rosacea but are not the reason you suffer from it.

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Treatments vary depending on your signs and symptoms. Sometimes doctors will prescribe oral or topical medications, but those are not always effective with the rosacea. Special Vascular Lasers are used to alleviate the symptoms of your condition but not cure it, unfortunately. Laser is a highly effective means of removing redness, visible blood vessels, and swelling due to excess tissue. What should I expect from my laser treatment? Each individual session can last anywhere between fifteen minutes to an hour. You may experience some moderate discomfort during the procedure—most patients report a mild burning or tingling sensation or even a rubber band snap with warmth. Most people see results after three or four sessions with the laser treatments, but this can vary depending on the type and severity of your rosacea.

There is no downtime from laser treatment of rosacea. While slightly uncomfortable, it is not painful, and you will be physically capable of returning to your daily activities immediately afterward. You will, however, likely experience some redness (for an hour or two) and some swelling (usually for around two to six hours after the procedure, but for some sensitive individuals, it can last for up to four days) following the laser treatment. In some cases, the laser can cause a small amount of bruising. If bruising occurs, it is small and only lasts for a few days. Most patients state it feels like a slight sunburn to the skin with warmth but no pain.